AKFA Membership

Why would I join this club ?
It depends ...... on weekends would you rather be inside all day watching TV or playing on the computer ?
Or could you see yourself going outside enjoying the weather, the beach and flying a kite?
And sure, you could just go out, buy a kite and fly it .
But ... what if it flies crookedly, crashes or does not fly at all?
What if you then wish to buy a better kite or build a kite of your very own ?
A) Being a member helps you learn from experienced Club mambers (**) how to enjoy kiteflying with others in a safe manner and find ways to balance and adjust your kite to various flying conditions, to build kites well  and how to look after your kite or kites whatever your age. - we are a family friendly club and some of our members are also proficient with two, three and four stringed kites and kite buggying.
We welcome all cultures and generations.
B) you have the opportunity to fly kites with our public liability insurance cover
C) you can learn where to buy the best kites, equipment and materials as well as ways to save money, time and effort in doing so. We can guide you to kitebuilding websites which require from the most inexpensive through to the most sophisicated materials and methods. All of us enjoy kitemaking with the simplest and easiest obtained materials.
Some of our members have in-depth experience with sewing and gluing techniques for low tech and hi tech materials. 
D) at our major event,  the Adelaide Kite Festival, held each Easter,  you get to meet some of the best kite fliers and makers in the world and attend workshops run by them.
As well as our Club days, on second Sunday afternoons each month, we are often invited to fly kites at school and community festivals in or outside Adelaide.
E) Wet weather ? No problem ! We untangle kite lines; practice knotting and splicing; think about new kites, banners and line laundry to design, measure and make; repair our kites as well as plan the next event or festival.
(** )whilst some of our more experienced members occasionally do kite surfing, if your passion is really kite surfing we recommend you contact KiteBoarding South Australia (KSA) (formerly SAKSA) .
Membership is due in March each year.
If you join at another time of year you pay a pro rata amount through to the next March.
In order to become an individual or family member or to renew your membership: ( pls see form buttons below)
1) you pay of a fee
2) and fill out and sign a form, for oneself and/or for your family members
Fees go toward paying for the Club's public liability insurance, rental of storage space for club equipment and repairs to club equipment.
As our Constitution requires, the Club Committee consists of President, Secretary and Treasurer and two other elected members.
Members of the Committee or co-opted members may also hold positions such as quartermaster, webmaster, or on the Facebook subcommittee. We have special interest groups: e.g.  K.A.P. (Kite Aerial Photography)
Our Festival Planning subcommittee allows members to share in planning in large or small part.
Our AGM is held in July each year and we encourage all members (young and not so young) to attend.
Safety is of paramount importance in all our activities. Please see our Code of Conduct, Safety and Insurance page and our Contact page.

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