1)Club Flying Sunday  14th August, Esplanade near Fort Glanville, Semaphore Park 
2)Southern Flying last Saturday of Month (see Tim at  www.my-best-kite.com   )

Murray Bridge Kite Festival ( a second one this year) 10am to 2 pm Sunday 23rd October
contact:  Mark Hamilton  0421 501 477

Australian Kite Festivals:
Darabin,  Victoria: -------------      early March 2017
Rosebud,  Victoria: ------------       mid March 2017
Redcliffe, Queensland ----------     28th - 29th August 2016
Festival of the Winds, -----------    10th - 11th September 2016
Bondi, Sydney
Harden Kite Festival, NSW -----      mid October 2016
Murray Bridge Kite Festival , S.A.--- 23rd October 2016

Other Kites Festivals:  look up by country
also USA - aka.org  ---> Events Calender (if aka.org looks fishy, try american kite
        UK  - kitecalender.co.uk                                                           association.org                                        
        Europe - kitefestivals.vliegersport.info