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​AKK - 4th June 2016

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Here Goes:

Adelaide International Kite Festival Easter 2016

This was the 18th such Festival was held at Semaphore Beach - a
beach blessed with nice coloured sand (and seaweed of lesser allure);
a long jetty stretching out to sea just right  as a viewing  platform;
scrub to separate activities of beach and foreshore and a foreshore
area for Carnival and Marketplace.
We gratefully acknowledge the most generous Major sponsorship by
Port Adelaide-Enfield Council, and Event sponsorship by
Mason Gray Strange and Brighton Cement.
Suppliers for our event were Digital Print Australia, Jasmine Rae
Grahic Design and Palais Hotel.
We are blessed with our partnership with TJ Amusements who run the
Foreshore carnival and provide us with support, in particular with funds to pay for 4 large kites.
Most importantly the Festival was most capably managed by Kristen Newlyn, event organiser extraordinaire of K Marie Events. 
The days before were occupied by greeting overseas and interstate guests  and orientating them
to Semaphore ( coffee intake seemed a major priority),  moving equipment to the field and juggling last minute changes. 
Friday afternoon was spent kite flying on the kite field site, providing our guests the opportuniy to  reconnoiture this site.
New to our Festival this year were:
Ruth Whiting and Tim Elverston of Windfire Designs, Florida who braved the crossing to Australia with their one year old, Otto.
Tony Rice, kite artist extraordinaire from Brisbane.
Our other world renowned guests and return celebrities were Robert Brasington from Tasmania, Robert Van Weers from  North Island N.Z. and Lindell and Simon Chrisnall from South Island N.Z..
Being typical Aussies we were interested to "progress" discussion about the Presidentail elections in USA and the debate about the newly proposed N.Z. flag. And since none of the Australians professed to any culinarty expertise none could be accused of stirring.
Saturday as for the next two days was a flurry of activity setting up tents, marquees, feathers on the jetty and cordoning off the kitefield with reversal of the above each evening at end of flying.
I am always gratified by the co-operation of Club members and others in these tasks and the comradeship, including a decent dollop of humour which prevails.
New jetty banners (red, black, yellow and blue) made their appearance
this year thanks to material supplied by Linda Sanders of OzFeathers
and Mark Hamilton who laboured away at cutting and sewing.
A few remaining banners were kindly sewn by one of our International
guests the night before the opening of the Festval.
Yours truly under-estimated the amount of sleeving material required
for the banners. In a note accompanying our  second order, Linda  wrote
the age-old adage of kite makers everywhere:  " Measure twice, cut once " (repeat this 100 times)
On each day we were challenged by light easterly land breezes with  seabreezes only arriving near days end, except on Monday when it came in strongly mid afternnon giving us a good send-off.
Mike Fardon laboured valiantly to perform the lolly drops from his kite.
Our MC, Grant McAvaney, pulled out his best banter, jokes and competitions for the crowd.
The Festival dinner was a delicious affair at the Palais, followed by the Auction, good fun in the brisk night air. We thank all who donated items for the auction.
With closely guarded planning from Lindell Chrisnall, Simon Chrisnall was surprised by a celebratory cake and accolades for his 20 years working for Peter Lynn kites.
On Sunday evening those left standing after a busy Sunday attended a
kite making workshop by Tony Rice. Tony's organisation, artistic flair and
inspiration spurred us on to complete two dyed paper and bamboo kites.
Foreshore activities ( Carnival rides, multi-cultyural marketplace) and
kiteflying attracted thousands of people over the three days.
The last evening was spent on the foreshore enjoying the traditional  pizza.
The amount of 'skycandy' ,as Grant describes it, is always memorable and we delighted in the weeks following in what photographs appeared on AKFA Facebook and from our photograpgher,
Cath Malo.
​Tony Sangster AKFA
.............. for Festival photographs please see below and the Home page:

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And Yes ! We will do it all again next Easter !!^^^