Club Flying is 2nd Sunday
each month near cnr Bower Rd and Esplanade,  Semaphore Park

Please see Events for other kite flying events through the year

​AIKF = Adelaide International Kite Festival
​20/04/2019 and 22/4/2019
         Easter weekend

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Part of Semaphore
​Park flying site (beach is on the right where we also fly)​ Sometimes we fly on the beach north (other side of the kiosk

 Aerial photos by Club member, Mark Hamilton at AIKF 2016

Kite work shop run by Tony Rice of Brisbane at ​AIKF 2016

View north on Semaphore Beach at AIKF 2016, the jetty is a great viewing platform

​Crowd favourite at AIKF 2016 Dragon kite, Peter Lynn kites N.Z.

​Beetle kite, hand painted, bamboo and paper, Tony Rice AIKF 2016

Kalido delta kites by Robert Brasington
​AIKF 2016

​Someone's very distant relative? A monkey kite by Robert Van Weers, N.Z. at AIKF 2016

Morpheo delta kite hand painted by Ruth Whiting, designed by Tim Elverston (both of Windfire Designs, Florida) AIKF 2016 and below their Photon kites, on the left a commercially made one and on the right one made as per Morpheo.

Recent Club acquisitions courtesy of TJ Amusements​ - Hammerhead and Monstrolisca kites by Marco kites

Delta Kite made by Kevin Sanders of Adelaide, Kaos kites

​a home-made Sode kite, made of plastic and dowel and flying as well as any kite, hi or low tech.

​Great example of an original home-made kite, Club member Mark Hamilton

​Club member, Michael straining to stay in the picture holding a two line soft kite in a 15 knot breeze

4 string soft Peel kite
Peter Lynn kites N.Z.

Tribal kite by Robert Brasington of Tasmania
​at AIKF 2016

Feathers by Linda Sanders of Adelaide, OzFeathers
​at AIKF 2016